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Thank you for tuning into Ketchup Popsicles, the podcast about getting leads and closing deals. I’m your host, Ryan Mack. Let’s get started. Good morning, and welcome to our first installment of Ketchup Popsicles. This is a podcast that is centered around sales and marketing strategies and tactics.



Showing smaller companies how to compete.

We want to uncover some of the secrets that big companies use that have large budgets and show smaller, medium-sized businesses how to compete with these larger competitors while still maintaining a modest budget.

We’re gonna look at different tools that you can use. We’re gonna evaluate those tools, talk to you about some lessons that we’ve learned over time, implementing applications and processes for small businesses. We’ll talk to some sales leaders around town and get their opinion on how sales enablement supports what they’re trying to do every day. And, you know, here’s some of their best practice recommendations on selling, whether it’s more of an enterprise solution that you’re selling long sale cycle. A lot of different gates in your pipeline or it’s very transactional. Or maybe it’s inbound versus you know, an outside sales team beating the street, banging on doors.  We’re gonna look at all different types of sales styles. We’re gonna look at, different marketing approaches. And, you know, it’s not a one size fits all.

There are a lot of ingredients, and you’ve got to choose which items fit your business the best and work them in together. So that’s gonna be our plan for this podcast. It’s going to start off a little raw as we’re getting into this, You know, it’s all unedited. We don’t make cuts. So if if we screw up, we screw up and you get to hear it.

We will always try to keep this to 15-20 minutes long. Nothing too crazy. Just something you can pop it on your commute to work or on your way home and spend a little time with us as we evaluate sales marketing.

So, we appreciate you listening. And if you ever have any suggestions, always hit us up at Peersalesagency.com. We’d love to hear your feedback. If there’s a topic that you want us to cover, definitely send it our way, if there’s somebody that you know, that would be a good interview, send us their name and we’ll get in contact with them. We like to do interviews, even over the phone, bringing on Skype, just in case you can’t make it to the studio. So with that we’ll kick off our first episode.

Thanks again, I hope you enjoy it.

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Ryan Mack is the CEO and co-founder of Peer Sales Agency. Fueled by his drive to help companies reach their revenue goals, he puts his decades of experience in sales, private equity, and organization leadership to work for Peer’s clients.


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