A complete digital overhaul leads to a 500% increase in engagement for a 30-year-old company

Sloan Medical had spent three decades designing and manufacturing some of the best medical personal protection equipment (PPE) on the market. The only problem? Very few people knew who they were.

The Challenge

Sloan’s website wasn’t delivering leads, contacts, or activity.

Sloan Medical faced significant challenges with its outdated website, which was not originally designed to support sales activities. Lacking essential features to assist the sales team, nurture leads, and capture customer information, the website failed to serve as an effective digital hub. Moreover, Sloan’s minimal digital presence hindered potential customers from discovering their services. Additionally, the existing brand aesthetics and message did not effectively compete against larger, more established medical supply competitors, making it difficult for Sloan to stand out in a crowded market.

Outdated website

A single-page brochure site with no call-to-action.

Lack of consistent branding

The overall visual presentation was lacking.

No digital content strategy

The product was difficult to discover online.

We have a pretty serious international footprint, but our website screamed ‘small business.’ We needed the website to reflect the actual capabilities of our product.”

Joe Reischl
VP, Sloan Medical

The Solution

A complete marketing strategy to support the sales team.

Messaging & Brand Overhaul

Peer Sales Agency dove in to give Sloan Medical a total marketing overhaul. We started by creating a laser-focused messaging matrix to help their team speak to prospects in a way that got attention and communicated value. We gave their logo a modern refresh and injected eye-catching visuals and product photography to pull the look together. In a short amount of time and with modest expense, we could put the pieces in place for a strong foundation.

Sales-Optimized Website

Now, it was time to build a hard-working sales website. The new site clearly communicated the value and differentiators of their key products. We added a blog to explain further how Sloan’s products helped solve their buyer’s problems, and the layout of the site intentionally moved users down the sales funnel.

We uncovered that Sloan’s key to success is getting samples of their product to surgeons and operating room staff. Joe Reischl, Sloan’s vice president, shared the mantra, “If they try us, they buy us.” We drove website visitors to a simple directive: Request a free sample.

Traffic-Driving Funnel

With the new site launched, it was time to drive traffic. We created a full-funnel content marketing and digital advertising strategy. The pieces came together to establish Sloan Medical as a thought leader in its field and boosted SEO. This organic content was supported by a digital ad strategy targeting buyers at every stage of their journey: search ads, display ads, organic content, and social ads drove new leads straight to Joe.

Strategic Tradeshow Retargeting

Tradeshows are also a major component of Sloan Medical’s sales process. We made those events even more impactful by retargeting attendees and ensuring Sloan’s sales team had the right tools to attract and nurture leads.

Strong brand foundation

Developed a messaging matrix and audience personas, as well as an overall brand refresh.

Sales-enabled website

Rebuilt the website to move customers down the funnel and request free samples.

Digital content strategy

Created organic and paid campaigns to increase search results and drive engagement.

The Results

More free samples and new business in the last two years than the previous five.

Key Results

I'd say we're up about five times the amount of leads than we’ve had in the past. And the sales cycle is about 20% to 30% shorter on a regular basis than it used to be.”

Joe Reischl
VP, Sloan Medical

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