We’re Peer.

Hey, there!

We’re a multi-disciplinary, highly-motivated team of salespeople, marketers, advertisers, writers, and designers wholly focused on helping small businesses grow their revenue.

Now, it’s important to understand we’re not your typical marketing agency. In fact, we believe we’re the first of our kind. We’re actually a sales agency that uses marketing to help our clients close more deals. To us, the sales process is magical and it’s the driving force behind everything we do.

It starts with a simple but holistic approach. We get to know you, your business, your customers, competitors, and even employees. This approach infuses our solutions with a strategic purpose, which, in turn, delivers you impactful and quantifiable results month after month. In other words, we’ll give you everything you need to shatter the expectations of your clients and the hearts of your competition.

So drop us a line. We want to be more than just your agency. We want to be a partner; colleague; confidant; peer.

We’re ready. Are you?

Our team

Sara Hanlon, Co-founder, Peer Sales Agency

Sara Hanlon


Ryan Mack, Co-founder, Peer Sales Agency

Ryan Mack


Crystal Mackling, Creative Director, Peer Sales Agency

Crystal Mackling

Creative Director

Jamie Pieper, Sales Training, Peer Sales Agency

Jamie Pieper

Sales Training

Tierney Tyan, Sales, Peer Sales Agency

Tierney Tyan


Katie Pavel, Account Director, Peer Sales Agency

Katie Pavel

Account Director

Linsey Carsey, Account Executive, Peer Sales Agency

Linsey Carsey

Account Executive

Mission & vision

We help small businesses compete.

We’ll achieve this by becoming the premier sales and marketing extension for SMBs, helping them systematize the lead generation and closing process without breaking the bank.

Core values


Have a great desire to continue learning, improving all aspects of your personal and professional life.


Be honest with the customer and your team members, regardless of the blowback. They’ll respect you more.


Promote collaboration by asking questions and listening carefully to feedback.


Work a hard 40, go home and enjoy your life outside of work. Balance is key.

Sound like your type of place?

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