Is Your Website ADA
& WCAG Compliant?

Over 8,200 Title III ADA violations and accessibility lawsuits were filed against small and medium businesses last year. Get instant access to our free ADA & WCAG compliance audit for your website! See your compliance level and get a full action report so you can fill the gaps that could leave your business at risk.

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Accessibility is good for business, with accessible sites outperforming the rest by 50% or more. Beyond that, opening up the digital world to the visually impaired & everyone with every ability level is simply the right thing to do.

Why Does Accessibility Matter?

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Website Traffic

Accessible websites enjoy increased traffic, reduced bounce rates, and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.
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Tax Credits for
Your Business

Qualifying businesses can receive a tax credit of 20-50% of the cost of accessibility tools. Your audit will help you determine if you qualify!
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Mitigate the Risk
of Legal Action

Lawsuits for ADA violations and accessibility issues have risen 300% since the DOJ reaffirmed its stance that websites are places of public accommodation. Compliance means avoiding a $15,000 to $70,000 lawsuit.

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