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Businesses rely on sales to grow. And when your sales are slow, that can only mean one thing: A big problem.

It can be frustrating to face this issue. And there are a million and one reasons it could be yours. Which of these sounds most familiar?

  • My team is too busy to prospect and set meetings.
  • We can’t find the qualified leads we need to grow.
  • My sales reps don’t want to make cold calls or they aren’t successful when they do make them.

The good news is that you’re not alone in having less than stellar sales numbers. Nor are you alone in the problems that result from them. In fact, more than 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the hardest piece of the sales process puzzle! This is followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%).

But when you want to boost sales numbers, you can approach it one of two ways:

  1. Continuing to build and coach your in-house team. 
  2. Leaning into an outsourced sales team.


The cost to build and develop in-house

Your internal team is currently lacking the time, resources, or expertise to hit their monthly sales goals. But which one is it?

You could continue to work with them, pouring more time and more of your budget into mentoring, training, and coaching. But there is no certainty that by doing so, your reps will improve. It doesn’t help to learn that 60% of customers say no four times before saying yes whereas 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow-up attempt.

You could start from the ground up and build the complete sales development team and processes your company actually needs to be successful. Not to mention a binge-worthy resource kit. But this could take years—time you simply don’t have. Especially when it comes to earning that bonus, are we right?

And the truth is you have a lot on your plate and are wearing multiple hats.  You have struggled to recruit good talent that stays put—time and budget are not on your side.


The benefits of an outsourced sales team

Outsourcing your prospecting and meeting setting needs can be a quicker and easier option than spending time to build or develop a team on your own. Still, you’re probably wary of working with an outside vendor. After all, you’ve heard stories…and none of them have been good.

Yet there are a lot of misconceptions about outsourcing sales and marketing. Granted, there will always be businesses that worked with an outsourced team and had a so-so, or even straight-up bad, experience. But these experiences tend to get more attention than the good ones.

So let’s set the record straight!

Common misconceptions about utilizing an outsourced team for your sales efforts:

Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are telemarketers.

While a telemarketer actually solicits prospective customers, an SDR assists with outbound sales prospecting. This means they aren’t making calls to random people, hoping to strike gold. Rather, they are armed with information about your ideal prospects and have an in-depth understanding of your industry as well as your specific product or service. Find us a telemarketer that can do THAT!

SDRs are overly aggressive in their selling tactics.

Not true! Because SDRs take time to get to know not only your industry but YOU, they can drive meaningful conversations and get potential customers truly interested in what you’re all about.

SDRs often spam prospects with emails and other marketing tactics.

Wrong again! SDRs understand that email is one of many touchpoints they can use to connect with leads. And the ones they do send aren’t cringy, “Hi, I’m just checking in,” nonsense. Rather, their emails are thoughtful and often come attached with interesting assets that can draw leads deeper into the sales funnel.

It’s impossible to integrate an outsourced SDR with an in-house team.

Because an SDR takes the time to research and understand not only your industry but your business inside and out, they’re often able to seamlessly integrate with your existing team. In doing so, they can quickly take on the time-consuming work of finding qualified leads.

Sales Development Reps (SDR) don’t have enough experience or training to help me.

Actually, a BDR is well-versed in a variety of prospecting strategies. So, they’re open to tried and true tactics as well as experimenting with a company’s ideal customer. A good SDR knows that while selling, at its core, is simple and straightforward, the path to getting those sales will vary from client to client.

An outsourced team won’t have the same objectives that we do.

We can see why you’d view this as a problem. And it would be—if it were true! Peer is different in that we’re a sales agency that also does marketing. In being sales-focused and results-oriented, we don’t consider ourselves successful unless you are.

So, whatever your objectives happen to be—they are ours, too!

Outsourced SDRs are always overseas.

Nope! Peer offers dedicated SDRs that are recruited right here in the midwest, and trained by the top sales coaches in the industry.

Sales and marketing are siloed on an outsourced team, just like they are in my current company.

It can be frustrating when teams don’t communicate. We hear you. At Peer, our proven sales strategy is dependent upon everyone doing their part. And best of all, the parts are flexible. Not every company is going to need the same additions to their team. Peer gives a company flexibility to only take on the talent that they need.

Working with an outsourced team comes with big time and money commitments.

A sales agency like Peer only brings in the talent that you need, when you need it, so the cost is much lower and you’re never locked into set hours or lengthy contracts.

More About Peer

Peer is an agency that specializes in SALES—and marketing. And we focus on the whole customer lifecycle—from lead-gen to revenue. Sure there is something to be said for sales collateral and assets. But because we’re sales-focused and results-oriented, we only succeed when you do. And that thinking is at the foundation of our all-new Sales Accelerator.


Enjoy accelerated sales

The Sales Accelerator program was designed to help you reach your company’s goals and exceed leadership’s expectations. Peer’s midwest-based Sales Development Reps will work as a seamless extension of your team, providing you with sales-qualified appointments each month.

By the time we deliver them to you, they’re ready to take the next step. Here’s what you can expect when you enroll:

A multi-channel outbound sales program: You’ll have your own, dedicated SDR who will perform prospect outreach through calls, emails, and social media to establish personal connections, communicate value, and set appointments.

More dependable leads in your pipeline: In delivering a set number of sales-qualified appointments every single month, you and your team will have everything you need to hit your targets week after week.

Access to key decision-makers: When we make connections on your behalf, we take an account-based approach. This ensures that you are sourced with the best lead data so you’re talking to the right people who have the power to make a sale happen. Receive a ready-made list of leads based on an Ideal Customer Profile designed just for you. Your team can use this list to target their outbound sales efforts and earn more revenue.

Here’s the bottom line:

You can’t grow when you’re falling short of sales goals. But when you partner with Peer and ask for Sales Accelerator, you’ll gain all the assets and touchpoints that your business needs to build relationships and close deals.

Starting at only $5,000.

Because we want you to be confident that your money is being well spent.

Are you ready to lead a successful sales team? Connect with us today!

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