Implement these 3 strategies into your B2B sales strategy and close more deals

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Do you remember the days when B2B selling was easy?

We don’t either.

That is because B2B selling has a notorious history of increasing difficulty.

You can thank modern technology for this. With the rise in information has come an increase in research your buyers do as well as the demands they make.

Consider that:

88% of companies are using market research to make business decisions.

67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally.

57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier.


If all this information makes you feel like giving up on your B2B sales strategy, we get it. But the good news is that hitting your B2B sales quotas can still happen. The trick is reworking your B2B sales strategy to include not one, not two, but three specific growth opportunities.

A simpler time for B2B sales strategy

Once upon a sale, a business would call a potential vendor to discuss their needs. The vendor, in turn, would pitch their best options and the business tended to be easily sold assuming an option met their needs.

But those were simpler times.

Would it surprise you to learn that sixty-seven percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally?

The internet came along and complicated things for B2B sales strategy, taking it from three steps to what feels like three hundred steps. In addition to identifying the problem, a business can now:

  1. Research problems of other businesses similar to their own.
  2. Research how their competition solves this problem.
  3. Research all possible solutions.
  4. Network with business acquaintances, friends, family, neighbors, and their family pet regarding recommendations.

And on, and on it goes. Needless to say, a few things have changed. Which, if we’re being totally honest with you, means your B2B sales strategy needs to change to include the following:

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Strategy 1: Increase your inbound marketing

You may have come across the term, “inbound marketing” when researching how to increase the effectiveness of your B2B sales strategy. There’s no easy way to explain inbound marketing (though this is a great starting point) because there are so many working components tied to the right strategy. More than that, no one formula will work exactly the same way, even for similar businesses! Crazy, right?

But figuring out the right inbound marketing formula is what leads to incredible sales results. Therefore, it holds a key place in your B2B sales strategy and gives you the power to:

  • Better track engagement and activity
  • Properly qualify leads
  • Give your buyer control of their own journey
  • Encourage automation

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Strategy 2: Drive sales enablement

Gone are the days when buyers wish to speak directly to a sales rep only to be instantly sold something. Instead, leads desire education so they can make an informed decision on their own. To help them along and drive more sales, you need sales enablement collateral.

Case studies, blogs, FAQs, and even email nurture sequences can serve as collateral for your business.

Enabling you to nurture prospects along, a strong library of assets supports your business case and can keep the conversation going by giving sales reps the opportunity to follow up using value. 

This goes a long way toward informing leads, ultimately empowering them to make good decisions so you can close more deals.

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Strategy 3: Start using social selling

Whether or not you enjoy using social media isn’t the question when it comes to building an effective sales strategy. When it comes to the best B2B sales techniques, social selling makes our top three in terms of forming an effective B2B sales strategy.

In fact, the number one way that companies are approaching marketing in 2021 is through social media. The typical user is spending an average of nearly 2.5 hours using social media each day. And no, it isn’t only mindless scrolling.

Consider that social media has completely changed the way we’re able to form connections with everyone from family and friends to leads and customers. From commenting on popular issues and inspiring ongoing conversations to discovering commonalities, building genuine relationships, and providing personalized recommendations, it’s an essential tool that any business eyeing growth should master.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have also incorporated advertising services, making it easier than ever to get in front of B2B customers with your offerings. Not sure how to utilize social media for your business? Here are 5 ways to integrate social media into your B2B sales strategy.

An effective sales strategy begins with marketing

Today’s businesses see a lot of overlap in their sales and marketing departments. And for good reason. You can no longer create an effective B2B sales strategy using a sales department, alone—you also need to follow the flow of a marketing funnel.

B2B sales leads desire insights, education, and possibly a dash of brand personality from those they’re looking to do business with. For those things, science and creativity are required rather than more traditional “pushy” tactics. Which is exactly where a marketing department shines.

Start closing more deals

The best B2B sales techniques are uncomplicated. Nonetheless, they take solid planning, execution, and observation to be effective. And if you find yourself wondering, “How will I ever get all of this done?” Reach out to us and gain access to the talent you need without the burden of full-time employees or traditional agency pricing.

Schedule time with us, and we’ll help you determine the best B2B sales strategy for your business.

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