A messaging strategy that attracted high-net-worth clients and generated $1.5B AUM in pipeline revenue.

The Challenge

Private Wealth Asset Management was founded to deliver better, more customized service to high-net-worth individuals and families.

Their team of advisors are experts at their craft. They recognized, however, that they would need their own team of experts to help them build a distinct brand and targeted messaging to differentiate their firm in the jam-packed wealth management space.

The Solution

In order to appeal to Private Wealth’s sophisticated audience in a sea of competitive services, Peer got to work defining and creating a standout brand.

Messaging Workshop

First, we utilized our messaging workshop to clearly distill Private Wealth’s value proposition and key service differentiators.

Brand Refresh

From there, we provided a brand refresh that captured the high-end, personalized service expected by their target market. The new look was a departure from the typical wealth management space.

Revamped Content

Next, we revamped their authority-building content with a novel approach for the financial industry, which ensured the content was memorable and educational.

Strategic Website

An overhauled website was a crucial next step to showcase Private Wealth’s new brand and attract the high-net-worth clients Private Wealth desired.

Sales Collateral

Finally, we redesigned an inventory of branded sales collateral, from pitch deck to proposal, to create a unified sales experience.

Our new website has received rave reviews from our partners, advisors and clients. The site design has an immediate visual impact, and our unique value statement is front and center. No one else is doing what Peer does.They’re leaps and bounds ahead of the industry.”


The Results

Growth like this is within reach.

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