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You may be a Marketing Director, but you were never meant to do it all. And yet, here you are, acting as a one-person marketing show.

Whether you were hired for your beginner to intermediate knowledge about a lot of marketing avenues or you somehow found yourself slowly taking on added responsibility, the truth is you’re totally drowning at work. From missing deadlines to running late to pick up your kid from baseball practice, nothing about work feels right.

How Peer can support a MD-01

The kicker is you could totally rock your role and win back your reputation (at work AND at home) if you had a little bit of support.

Drowning at work

We hear you! Does it help to read that you aren’t alone? Marketing Directors like you doing the work of entire departments is a wide-reaching issue. And a nationwide poll recently discovered that marketing and communications professionals fared the worst among job functions with the highest burnout, with 83.3% reporting they were burned out.

It’s no surprise when you consider all of the various talents that a marketing department finds themselves in need of. Unfortunately, small and mid-sized businesses often can’t afford to acquire an entire department of individuals in the beginning, choosing instead to operate lean marketing departments. AKA: You.

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And for those SMBs past the initial start-up pains lies a different challenge: business leaders who are fixated on achieving revenue goals. Oh, they put plenty of energy and resources into the sales department. But they fail to recognize the value in supporting their marketing team’s contributions toward increasing revenue. Things like written copy that entices clicks or a website that allows your prospects to research solutions for their current pains and forms to turn those browsers into leads.

Whether you can better relate to door #1 or door #2, the problem remains the same. Your company isn’t keen to hire marketing help. But without hiring marketing help, you can’t help your company grow their assets, and ultimately, their budget.

How Peer can support a MD-03

Feeling frustrated? Don’t hand in your resignation just yet. 

The traditional marketing agency

It used to be that companies needing any kind of sales or marketing help would turn to a brick and mortar marketing agency. These are businesses that dedicate themselves fully to the creative pursuits of a business. From branding to campaigns around specific products or services, they produce the assets a business uses to encourage sales. Print ads, social media advertisements, commercials, design, and copywriting are a few of the services an agency might provide. 


The trouble with a traditional agency is that their focus is on creating beautiful assets—but not necessarily how those assets tie into the strategy of your business or selling your product. So, that all still falls to you.

Add to that the often overwhelming retainer size based on a set number of hours you may not even need and it’s easy to see why SMBs are hesitant to outsource

The much-improved marketing agency model

Thankfully, the internet has made it possible for your company to look beyond the “traditional” agency model. That’s where sales agencies, like Peer, come in. 

We’re not a group of Mad Men-esque egos arguing in a conference room over who has the better idea. Because selling your product or service has nothing to do with us—and everything to do with the heart of your business.

How Peer can support a MD-06

By hiring Peer, you get the “goods” that marketing agencies provide. That means you get the talent of great copywriters, designers, lead generation experts, social media strategists, and web developers to execute the assets you need to succeed. Things like:

  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blog Content
  • Sales Slicks
  • Case Studies
  • Social Media Management
  • Press Releases

How Peer can support a MD-00

But, you also get the sales and marketing strategy that goes with those marketing deliverables. And you get them at a price point that makes sense for your growing business. 

Picture this: We get to know you, your business, your customers, competitors, and even employees. This approach infuses our solutions with a strategic purpose, which, in turn, delivers you impactful and quantifiable results month after month. In other words, we’ll give you everything you need to:

  • Close the sales and marketing expertise gaps within your company
  • Remove the burden of burnout and feeling stretched too thin
  • Execute marketing and sales strategies tailored to your needs and industry
  • Deliver results that make you look great

How Peer can support a MD-06

Peer works as an extension of your team, much like having your own fully-staffed marketing department, but at a savings of up to 80%. Your sales and marketing team will expand to include the top talent in the country, with expertise in every channel—and the results that follow—for less than half the cost a traditional agency would charge. For the record, we cost less than hiring an in-house team, too!

Are you ready to get back to doing what you do best? Connect with us today!

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