How to attract and close high-net-worth clients

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You’re going after the big fish.

Or at least, that’s what you WANT to do.

Targeting high-net-worth individuals is a unique challenge in sales and marketing.

Undoubtedly, high-net-worth (HNW) individuals are a sought-after market segment. Many companies looking to expand their customer base and grow their business seek HNW clients out. That’s because these individuals have the potential to bring significant value, not just in terms of sales and growth, but also exposure to new markets.

But in order to effectively reach high-net-worth clients, companies must understand the needs and preferences of this unique market. From there they must tailor their sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

Which is exactly what we’re going to talk about today. 

Challenges with targeting HNW individuals

Sure, there is a huge payoff to landing a wealthy client. Nonetheless, the path to adding high-net-worth clients to your portfolio can be a challenge. And as it happens, there are two main challenges we see again and again among our clients targeting this demographic.

First is accessibility. Unlike most people, HNW individuals are not easily reached through traditional means. This is because they are protected by a circle of trusted advisors and gatekeepers.

Sure, you may run into one of these elusive individuals at a dinner party—but barring flat-out luck, there’s not a reliable way to make these connections.

The second challenge is that wealthy clients tend to be highly occupied. Managing demanding schedules and numerous responsibilities are how these individuals got to where they are.

What’s more, they receive a constant stream of requests for their time and money. You can’t assume your message is more important than someone else’s—sorry!

Businesses need to be creative and persistent in their approach. This is because HNW individuals are likely to prioritize requests from trusted sources over all others.

Create outstanding collateral for the HNW individual sales process

Here’s one thing you may not realize about snagging wealthy clients: They don’t see transactions, they see investments. And before they invest, they require a high level of information. That is why it’s critical to provide them with helpful, well-thought-out resources that will assist them in their journey.

Marketing collateral such as brochures, case studies, infographics, and white papers provide valuable information. They include insights about your products, services, and company which will help build trust and credibility with affluent clients.

By providing HNW individuals with good marketing collateral, you’re giving them the resources they need to make informed decisions. Furthermore, collateral can serve as a great follow-up without actually having to follow up.

Content that connects with HNW individuals

The type of collateral you provide to HNW individuals is important. But so is the information you include. Creating content that is not only enticing but detailed while still being easy to understand is critical to success.

Ensure you have a strong headline. This means having a headline that makes it clear what you offer.


Wealthy clients don’t have time to wade through lengthy, complicated information!

So many people are competing for HNW individuals’ attention. A business that gets to the heart of a matter quickly has a better chance of being noticed.

Content should also quickly bring those big pain points to the surface.

From there, use your content to educate HNW individuals on how your specific solution is better. This also helps you to grow product awareness.

The product awareness stage is about building knowledge and highlighting the unique benefits of your product or service. In doing so you ultimately position your products or services as the solution.

Also, keep in mind that funnels for HNW clients work a bit differently than the more traditional marketing funnels. Unlike a traditional sales funnel, the HNW sales process requires better, more targeted information.

Use content to get very specific about where the client is in the sales process instead of casting a wide net. This requires a focused approach, dialed into the specific needs of a more wealthy clientele.

Design that makes an impact on HNW individuals

Great sales and marketing doesn’t stop with your content! Design and branding are also important aspects to consider.

That’s because HNW individuals have an affinity for higher-end products and services. They want to surround themselves with companies that are tailored and well-designed.

A beautifully branded product or service provides a sense of luxury, quality, and even professionalism that appeals to HNW individuals. So, your marketing and sales materials need to be up to snuff in order to strike a chord.

HNW individuals have an appreciation for aesthetics and want to surround themselves with products and services that look good. A branded and well-designed product or service can help you meet their expectations and appeal to their sense of aesthetics.

Messaging that appeals to HNW individuals

Your messaging sets the tone for your entire sales process. Crafting a great message can help you communicate the value of your product or service with wealthy clients.

Great messages offer something different and a unique perspective on pain points. It also means a solid collection for your sales team to pull from whenever they create new pieces of collateral. This will help to ensure that everyone is consistently delivering the same value. This is critical in building trust and credibility with HNW individuals.

Reaching HNW individuals

When you’re trying to connect with HNW individuals, keep in mind who you’re actually trying to connect with. Their trusted circle! This includes people like their attorney, personal banker, accountant, insurance firm, and broker.

One of the best ways to reach these individuals—and potentially connect directly with a HNW client—is through referrals. Building a referral program and actively asking for referrals from your existing clients can help you reach new HNW clients.

Relationships are everything

By building strong relationships with the inner circles of HNW clients, you may be able to access new, valuable introductions.

Networking and building relationships with centers of influence (COIs) can also be effective. COIs are individuals who have a strong network and influence within a particular industry or community. They can help you make introductions to wealthy clients.

It also doesn’t hurt to remain active in attending networking events or participating in industry conferences.

When it comes to successfully netting affluent clients and closing deals, remember: It comes down to relationships. Building relationships with a HNW individual’s inner circle is everything in terms of accessing HNW individuals.

Adding these types of clients to your roster is a game of patience. But with consistency and relevancy, you can gain trust—and access—to HNW individuals.

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