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The Ultimate Guide for

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Today’s sales leaders have to be product experts, communication gurus and motivational mentors. This guide will give you tools and tips to help your organization create audience clarity, nurture relationships with potential customers and leverage the latest innovations to really stand out.

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Communicate Your Value

Understand & Eliminate Your Customers' Pain Points

Perhaps nothing is more important for a sales leader than understanding how your product or service makes customers’ lives better. That’s the true value of your offer. To become a master of clearly communicating your value, you first must define whom you’re selling to:

Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Use your historical data to identify who your best customers are from an organizational perspective. To get started, take a deep dive into sales data with metrics including:

  • Monthly / quarterly / annual conversion rates
  • Define industries present in leads and sales
  • Average revenue of leads & converted sales
  • Geographical spread of leads vs. clients
  • Tenure of leads vs. closed clients

Using the data you have, find commonalities between your most profitable clients. Identify these shared traits and use them to create the definition of your ideal customer:

  1. Annual revenue
  2. Number of employees
  3. Geographical location
  4. Accreditations, certifications, compliance specs
  5. Tenure of business
  6. Company type: private, public, non-profit, etc.
  7. Industry

Build Buyer Personas

Many B2B sales professionals can forget that even though their customers are businesses, their buyers are people. You aren’t connecting with a faceless organization. You’re building relationships with individuals who have needs, goals and pain points.

Once you know your ICP, you need to figure out who in those organizations is the decision-maker for your sale. Do some research and create unique profiles for those individuals, giving your team a clear understanding of whom they are talking with.


A great place to learn about your buyers! See what they are posting, engaging with and sharing. Compare job titles, experience and education.


This AI-powered tool provides personality insights and recommendations on the best way to approach conversations with prospects. You can use it to better understand motivations and how to build authentic relationships with buyers.


Our favorite CRM also provides a great free tool to help build buyer personas. Organize attributes of your persona, including job responsibilities, preferred communication channels, goals and performance measurements.

Welcome to the (Messaging) Matrix

Once you know your ideal customer, you can develop clear messaging that addresses their pain points. You should be laser-focused on showing an understanding for their challenges and how your offer overcomes them. By showing empathy and being upfront with your solution, you get right to the core of your message.

To make sure your sales team is delivering consistent communication, you should develop a Messaging Matrix. This powerful tool outlines how to talk with prospects about their needs and outcomes.

Core Message

A constant reminder of what you provide and whom you provide it to.

Problem Sets

Identify challenges your personas are facing at various points in their customer journey.

Benefit Stack

A customer-focused list of how your product reduces friction and addresses pain points. 


What makes your solution stand out from the sea of competitors?

Calls to Action
Craft the words that work when telling your customers what you want them to do next.
Don’t focus on product features. Tell your prospects how their lives will look after they buy your offer.

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